Often users contact us with following question. Most of the time, the problem was located on user's end, rather than with the bot. 

If your bot is not teleporting to you - please try out solutions below before contacting Support Team: 

Allow bot to visit Adult rated parcels

This one's small, but a very common mistake made amongst bot owners. When creating an alternative avatar for a bot, sign-in to this avatar via 3D Viewer and allow it to visit Adult rated sims.

To do so: 

  1. Access your 3D Viewer
  2. Go to Preferences (CTRL+P)
  3. Select the following option under General & click OK

Afterwards, retry to teleport your bot to your location using Bot HUD and see if it works. 

Assign your bot permission to skip Landing Point

When bots are unable to teleport to parcels, sometimes the problem lies with the Landing Point under About Land

There are several ways to resolve this: 

  • Assign your bot with Skip Landing Point group permission in the group deeded to land 
    • If this didn't work once, try to re-deed the group to land.

If you're unable to change the land settings by yourself, you will need to contact your Estate Management 

Check if your bot is not banned on the land

Unfortunately some regions and businesses do not deal well with bots, if your bot is unable to teleport to such location, it is always a good idea to try teleporting to such location using 3D Viewer and see if you're allowed to access. 

If this is a case you're dealing with, you will need to settle this dispute with person responsible for your bot's ban. 

We're sincerely sorry if none of the above solved your problem! Please contact our Support Team so we can help: