Occasionally we experience issues such as bots not delivering Automatic Group Notices

There are ways you can resolve this issue by yourself. Before contacting Support Team, please verify: 

In case you found that one of the problem applies above, please act accordingly to it's solution. Assign group permissions or login your bot to Second Life using our Bot HUD

Did not work?

There are also few more solutions that could potentially work for you: 

  1. If you're sending a notice with attachment make sure it has copy + transfer permissions
  2. Maximum length of each notice is 512 bytes, verify if you're below the limit 

Still did not work?

If none of the solutions above worked for you. Unfortunately your bot may have been capped by Linden Lab's messaging limit enforcement.

What does this mean?

Linden Lab enforced 5,000 communication forms on every bot in Second Life. Once the bot exceeds the limit, it will be unable to send out any communication form for the following day (messaging limit restores every 24 hours) 


If your bot sends a notice to group with 3,000 members - it will have 2,000 messages remaining for the following day. (1 resident = 1 individual message) 

You can read more details about this on Linden Lab bot policy

So that's it, nothing I can do?

Luckily, there's one last workaround that may work for you, which is QubicBot - it's a desktop application that you can download & install on your computer. This application can be connected with SmartBots and once you successfully configure the application, the Messaging Limit will unlock for you. 

IMPORTANT there are several downsides: 

  • Setting up QubicBot application means that bot will run on your computer. Thus, whenever you turn computer or application off, bot will go offline.
  • In-order to set this up, you need to make one more extra payment for QubicBot's license key. (it is NOT towards us)
    • QubicBot's license key is non-refundable
  • Obviously, this means you are going to violate Linden Lab bot policy which comes with potential administrative consequences. According to our experience, it is rare, but you do this at your own risk!

We understand this is frustrating, however, be advised this limitation is set by Linden Lab - you will meet it everywhere. So, if you do decide to setup QubicBot, please take all the downsides into consideration as we try to be as informative as possible. 

If your bot applies to all the solutions written above and still does not send notices, we're terribly sorry! Please contact our Support Team so we could investigate your issue: