Occasionally, there are situations where it would seem that your inviter's broken. Most of the time, the problem lies on the user's end. 

In case you are having issues with Automatic Group Invitations - before contacting support team, please verify the following: 

After making sure all of the above is accurately configured, retry the inviter. 

It did not work? 

Sometimes, problem possibly lies a bit deeper. In case your inviter's still not working, try following workarounds below: 

Make sure inviter settings are okay: 

  1. Visit your Account Dashboard
  2. Hover your mouse over Inviter and click Options
  3. Make sure these options ARE NOT enabled:
    1. Completely disable invitations but leave greeter active
    2. Do not invite automatically (on touch only)

GIF below for further reference:

Tried everything, test invite still not delivering

Occasionally it is your 3D Viewer at fault which is causing invitations to be disabled. For example, Firestorm Viewer has an option that can hide invitations for groups you're already member of. If you're using Firestorm, make sure this option is disabled: 

  1. Open Preferences 
  2. Click Privacy 
  3. Enable Show invitations for already joined groups

Still not working? 

We're truly sorry if all the solutions we mentioned above didn't work. Please contact our Support Team so they can investigate your problem: